Pierre-Jean Chalençon reveals the REAL reason of his departure a done Deal

Less than a week after having formalized his departure a done Deal following the dissemination of a photo of him alongside Dieudonné, Pierre-Jean Chalençon gives another reason for his departure from the show.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon



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Thunder last week in a bargain. After a few years in the program, Pierre-Jean Chalençon announced that it had slammed the door of the auction room following a bad buzz the aimed, fired on the social networks. A photo of him, posing and smiling to the side of the stand-up comedian Dieudonné to be the birthday of Jean-Marie Le Pen would have angered his direction. In order not to make history, swearing that he had no connection with the ex-duo of Elie Semoun and not sharing its ideas, the look-alike unofficial Michel Polnareff preferred to leave the program, rather than a problem to his employers. In tears on the set of Jean-Marc Morandini in the aftermath of the announcement, Pierre-Jean Chalençon regretted bitterly the situation. He needed the quiet of the weekend, to ease the pressure and decide to talk. It is with Tv Entertainment that the fan of Napoleon has just revealed that his departure from done Deal was due to something else.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon was tired of his character in it’s a bargain

True character of a bargain, Pierre-Jean Chalençon assures us : I had already decided to leave the program at the start of the year. It was necessary that I go away, says he. I was tired of being behind a counter to make the parrot. I do fun anymore. I wanted to evolve my role. The idea was to go see also on the other side of the issue, the more close to Sophie Davant experts and auctioneers. I had talked to Sophie. “After having made the request to Jean-Louis Blot, the producer of the show, Pierre-Jean Chalençon is quickly annoyed. Nothing has changed. “

The dissemination of this photo to the sides of Dieudonné have been the trigger for the departure of the owner of the Palace Vivienne. “As a result of backwater caused by the publication of this famous photo on the social networks, j‘I received a phone call from Jean-Louis Blot, the night of my birthday, last Tuesday, tells the story of Pierre-Jean Chalençon. He asked me if I went to the birthday of Jean-Marie Le Pen. He told me that on the side of France 2, that “bardait”. This case, following a small coaxing these last few weeks, has made me think, and the next day, we talk about it with Jean-Louis Blot, and I announced that I had decided to just stop on the field. “The next day, Nicholas Daniel [the director of the program flow of the daytime of France Télévisions, editor’s note] is trying to keep Pierre-Jean Chalençon, saying they are “saddened” for his departure, and recognizing its role as “motor” in the show. “I think they were rather surprised. I explained to him that I needed a vacation. I hope we will work again together. I must soon have lunch with him. “

And now ? Pierre-Jean Chalençon is no shortage of projects. ” In the context of my project, show Palace, Vivienne, that I am preparing with producer Catherine Barma, the principle of which is to receive guests and cultural policy, I established many contacts over the past six months : Rachida Dati, Yves Jego, and other, to the left also, ” he says. This summer, I’m going to focus on my role at the theatre, which will begin in the fall, A chance insolent, with Olivier Lejeune. There are already 75 dates scheduled. I’ll also re-start the draft of my one-man show on Napoleon and continue my signings for my book. As for the tv, we’ll see what chain we will agree, France Télévisions, Canal, M6… ” After the Deal is done, a story to follow !