Pierre Menes : the sports journalist accused of harassment by a former employee

A former collaborator of Pierre Menes has decided to lodge a complaint against the sports journalist. Emmanuel Trumer is accusing the columnist of being at the origin of” constant harassment, daily, violent “.

A former colleague of Pierre Menes, Emmanuel Trumer decided to continue the sports journalist of Canal+ in justice. After speaking on Twitter, the ex-colleague, the chronicler of the Channel Football Club explained that counsel would have summoned the delete the content from the social network. Emmanuel Trumer subsequently extensively expressed on its website to explain the reasons for his attack. “For you to understand, Pierre Menes has tried to bring a complaint against me for defamation following my tweet, a complaint obviously fell in to the water with the evidence provided and now il will have to defend a complaint against him in criminal proceedings for harassment “, he explained.

Having worked on the Canal+ channels and CNews, Emmanuel Trumer provides that [his] year contract with this “journalist” has been a nightmare absolute .” To such a point that I wanted to put an end to any collaboration with him, and this is then transformed into a nightmare “, he adds. The journalist claims to have suffered constant harassment, daily, violent on the part of his former collaborator. It also denounces racism uninhibited ” , ” homophobia, as well as behaviors very severe towards womenPierre Menes.

The reaction of Pierre Menes

Charges to which Pierre Menes has decided to react. “I filed a defamation complaint. I’ve done everything for this guy, I did hire a Canal to 3000 euros per month, I took him with me on the road, I walked him home and this is how he thanks me. But when you slander, you have to justify yourself “, he writes in the commentary of a publication Instagram. The journalist said that ” out of respect for [Emmanuel Trumer], [he] didn’t want to go to court “. Then I have no choice. It makes me a lot of trouble, he concluded.