Piotr Pavlenski admits to having stolen the intimate video of Benjamin Griveaux to his girlfriend


Piotr Pavlenski, the man at the origin of the dissemination of the sex tape of Benjamin Griveaux, gave an interview to CNN. The Russian claims to have stolen the video to his girlfriend, Alexandra de Taddeo.

This is the political circus of the municipal elections of 2020. With each new revelation, the case of Benjamin Griveaux takes a turn a little more strange. In the evening of 13 February, a video and a matching private, both of which are assigned to the mp LREM, were disseminated on the social networks. The next day, the political man, 42-year-old announced his withdrawal from the race for mayor of Paris. In the hours that followed, Piotr Pavlenski claimed the broadcast of the sex tape as part of a project named ” Pornopolitique “, while threatening to put in a lot of other political figures.

His site goes off-line, the Russian activist was arrested on 15 February in Boulogne, when he was accompanied by his girlfriend, Alexandra de Taddeo. Indicted and placed under judicial control on Tuesday 18 February, the couple is free, but no longer has the right to get in touch. If the student who is sharing the life of Piotr Pavlenski is it also called in question, it is because it is she that Benjamin Griveaux had sent the video. Now all that remains is to define the degree of involvement of the young woman of 29 years in this business.

Alexandra de Taddeo was “not happy” when she discovered the video online

If one of her classmates revealed that Alexandra of Taddeo liked ” much light “, and had been blessed with a nickname suggestive, it is forbidden to have participated in the operation launched by her man. For his part, Piotr Pavlenski has also just eliminate his companion. In an interview given to CNN, the artist known for his operations shots-of-fist claims to have acted without the knowledge of the one who shares his life. ” I stole this video “, he says to the american media, to the effect that Alexandra of Taddeo “didn’t know [he] had found it and made the video” on his computer.

In possession of a sextape of Benjamin Griveaux since last November, Piotr Pavlenski had expected it to be in line to reveal everything to her better half : ” I showed him what I was doing after the publication “. A diffusion which is not at all pleased with the main interested. “Alexandra was not happy that I do not ask him, of course she was not happy , “says Piotr Pavlenski, who explains to CNN that she could not do anything once the sequence was shared in mass on the Canvas.


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