Plexiglas, detachment : Bruno Guillon, reveals behind-the-scenes of the new Z’amours

Good news for fans of Z loves : new numbers are finally going to happen!!! Filming resumed this Friday, may 22, as pointed out by Bruno Guillon, in his story Instagram. And necessarily, of the health had to be taken.

Bruno Guillon



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Since the end of the month of April, the viewers of France 2 had to be satisfied with reruns of Z’amours. If the favorite game of lovers had a stock of very strong episodes, it is clear that the duration of the health crisis was eventually exceed the latter. Interrupted since the month of march, the shoots have finally been able to return, to the delight of fans and Bruno Guillon. The 2 last may, in One remade tv on RTL, the host had confided that he hoped to receive new candidates in plateau ” at around the 25 may.” It is finally this Friday, may 22 as the resumption of filming of Z’amours took place, in conditions that were obviously very different to those of before the confinement. In his story, Instagram, Bruno Guillon has first shown that the posters were placed throughout to encourage the teams to wash hands regularly with hydroalcoholic gel. “Be hidden all over the site “, can we also read on a panel recalling the safety guidelines.

No distance couples, but protections

Pleased to tread again the set of his show, Bruno Guillon showed it to his followers on Instagram. “Resumption of the filming of the Z’amours, with a public spaced with masks… candidates apart also, with plates of plexiglass, he describes. The Z’amours mode confi ! “The facilitator had warned a few weeks ago that there would be no measure of social distancing among couples who participate in the program. The small kisses and the traditional strokes of the carton will thus be always there, but the security will still be respected : between each of the three sofas are large pieces of plexiglas. Bruno Guillon has also both sides of his desk, in order to avoid any risk of projection of droplets. Side casting, as had been previously announced, all the candidates live within a radius of 100 km around the studio, in accordance with the rules defined by the government. The conditions thus seem in place for a return of the Z loves safe. Looking forward to the broadcast !