Plus belle la vie : Rebecca Hampton reveals that made him cry during the first day of filming

Rebecca Hampton, the unforgettable Céline Frémont, is one of the pillars of a More beautiful life. Since its inception, she is assigned on the first day of shooting, which have been particularly challenging for her.

Rare are the series French to know such a longevity. Broadcast from August 30, 2004, More beautiful life famous in this Friday, February 21, his 4, 000th episode. And the least we can say is that things have changed since the first issue. At the time, the family Marci came home from vacation, Vincent took up residence with his daughter, Ninon, and Roland wanted to engage in a serious relationship with Mirta. Now, viewers have a rather the right to stories of adultery, sex and even murder. An evolution on which have agreed to pour three actors present since the early beginnings : Rebecca Hampton, aka Céline Frémont, Serge Dupire, more known under the name of Vincent Chaumette, Michel Strings, the irreplaceable Roland Marci. The first has not forgotten anything of his first steps. With the fifteen actors in the original, she had the right to “a one week immersion in Marseille, to visit the sets, meet colleagues and discover the city,” she says in the columns of Tv-Entertainment.

Rebecca Hampton is entrusted on his first day of filming

At the time, none of them thought that the series was such a great success. Especially not Rebecca Hampton, who has revealed to our brothers have melted into tears when she finally discovered the scenery of the Mistral. It must be said that the first shoots were particularly éreintants to one that embodies a brilliant lawyer. “We had waited a long time to see (…). I had stored so many things during this week that when I got home, j’I slept for 22 hours to 16 hours the next afternoon ! We didn’t know what we were going to live, but we knew that it was beginning an extraordinary adventure ! “grants-t-it from the famous magazine. Same sound of bell on the side of Cécilia Hornus (Blanche), who revealed that he had felt a big pressure on his shoulders : “I was in the stress maximum to fill all of my goals ! “Yet it is with gusto that he managed to impose in the heart of the French !