Pocholo Mansion: Spectacular Ibiza Home of His


A Spectacular and Luxurious Home

Yesterday, on ‘My house is yours’, Pocholo Martínez-Bordiú opened the doors of his home to Bertín Osborne… and to the more than 1,330,000 viewers (11.1% share) who did not miss the program. The aristocrat put aside his showman side to show his most personal side: Pocholo is a quiet, slow and, above all, very prudent when expressing his opinions. That said, the night revealed something that Bosco’s uncle, contestant of ‘Survivors’, had not shown yet: his spectacular and luxurious house in Ibiza. In a privileged enclave (in front of the salt flats), Pocholo’s home is just as we could imagine it: large, very colorful and with spaces to enjoy with friends. The entrance has a large cactus garden. The views from the pool are spectacular. After having lived in several continents, the cousin of Carmen Martínez-Bordiú found in this corner of Ibiza his place in the world.

Inside Pocholo’s Home

Unlike other guests who prefer not to show their home (as Jesulín de Ubrique did a few weeks ago), Pocholo had no problem filming the program in his house, also showing the interiors of his home. The living room, with a large navy blue sofa and two red armchairs. The dining room, in wood and orange tones. The kitchen, open and with a bar. But, without a doubt, the most special corners of Pocholo Martínez-Bordiú’s house in Ibiza are outside: its gardens have several ideal rooms to eat or just sit and enjoy the climate of the island.

The House of Pocholo’s Dreams

The sofa on the porch, matching the main living room of the house. Another of the corners of Pocholo’s house in Ibiza. The house also has a large outdoor dining room. Pocholo told Bertín that, in the past, he tried to sell this luxurious house, in which he has been living for 18 years. As he couldn’t find a buyer, he finally got rid of the idea and, today, he is happy in his home.


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