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Poupette Kenza Attacked in Cannes: Dress Compared to Sponge, She Reacts

As usual, Poupette Kenza’s every action, clothing, attitude and hairstyle was met with criticism. On May 19, 2023, the young woman was invited to the Cannes Film Festival for the screening of The Zone Of Interest and she wore a beautiful dress from the Sima Couture brand, similar to Rihanna’s dress that she wore on the Croisette in 2015. This yellow bustier and long train of tulle gave the influencer a princess-like look. However, on Twitter, many people were quick to criticize her, claiming that her dress was of bad taste and that she was snubbed by photographers. Taking all these remarks in her stride, Poupette Kenza shared several pictures on Instagram and wrote in the caption: “It doesn’t matter if my dress didn’t please. It doesn’t matter if nobody calculated me in front of Carla Bruni just in front of me. I DID IT, and my DREAM BECAME REALITY. I did this dream for you because I achieved it THANKS TO YOU. I love you. Thank you my love poups and thank you to my manager CARO because all this is also thanks to her @caroline.azm”. Fortunately, some more supportive Internet users complimented Poupette Kenza’s dress. Comments such as “Unbelievable,” “People were criticizing her on Twitter but they were just waiting for her to pass,” “Are the haters repressed fans?” and “The jealousy of people in comments is serious! You even don’t know how to rejoice in the happiness of someone! Have to be jealous, rage and criticize!” must have warmed Poupette Kenza’s heart. Despite the haters, Poupette Kenza looked stunning in Cannes and she should be proud of her accomplishment.



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