Prince Charles positive Covid-19, Harry would like to go back to London, but Meghan said: forbidden


The news of the positivity of Prince Charles of England to the coronavirus is now also available in Canada, where Harry and Meghan are in isolation. The prince would have wanted to be closer to his family in this moment so difficult and delicate, but his wife, according to reports in the Daily Mail it has been prevented.

The prohibition of Meghan truman gates

According to a source close to the head of the british would have been right Meghan truman gates to prevent the return of Prince Harry in England, to stay near his brother William and father Charles, who last Tuesday was positive to coronavirus. The 71enne would be in isolation at the residence of Balmoral, in Scotland, with his wife Camilla. The actress might have said to his wife that travel in this moment for the world, it is not appropriate, also the source that revealed this information, he added: “Meghan has said that Harry is in touch with his father… of Course, he is frustrated. He said that they are both frustrated because they are performers and want to do much more to help”. Harry, in fact, up to march 31, maintains the role of working royal, this means that it has not lost the opportunity to act as a member of the royal family, this would result in a state of agitation additional to the huge distance that separates them. For this reason, according to what the source reveals to the DailyMail, the prince would have had to come to his help from Canada.

Meghan and Harry’s isolation in Canada

Meghan and Harry are currently locked in their residence on the seafront on the island of Vancouver with their baby Archie, and are careful to take all the precautions, even more than necessary, during the pandemic by ensuring that the staff follow a strict hygiene protocol. The last time the two were in London and met Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth that now is in Windsor, was on the 9th of march, in the abbey of Westminster.


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