Prince Charles reached the coronavirus : the stunning reaction of Meghan Markle

This Wednesday, march 25, the british royal family indicated that prince Charles had been tested positive for the coronavirus. What concern of his son Harry, who would have immediately wanted to visit him. But his wife Meghan Markle has had an amazing reaction.

No one is spared by the coronavirus. Not even the most famous family of England ! As announced in an official press release, the prince Charles, the future heir to the throne, has been tested positive very recently. Well, at the age of 71 years, it shows no warning signs. The fact remains that doctors have preferred to isolate them from the rest of his clan, including his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, who would not be contaminated. But for Harry, his youngest son, the situation is particularly difficult to manage. Him, who has recently taken his distances with the clan Windsor, moved with his wife and his son Archie in Canada, a few thousand kilometers of the United Kingdom. Despite the latest measures, which call for limiting the maximum travel, it however wish to return to his native land to visit his father. Except that his wife of 37 years does not see things the same way.

Meghan Markle very concerned about the coronavirus

Extremely protective towards his family – it is one of the reasons he moved to North America, Meghan Markle would have forbidden Harry to visit his father, according to the Daily Mail. The former star of Suits redouterait, in fact, that he contracts the virus and it will pass that to their son for almost a year. It must be said that the duchess of Sussex is extremely cautious. Witness her hygiene protocol very strictly put in place at their home, located in Vancouver. Several relatives say she would have been asked to wear masks and gloves continuously. “Only a small number of people selected will now be able to interact with it, Harry and Archie,” says the same magazine. But this paranoia ambient, although beneficial in many respects, is a real heart-wrenching for the son of Lady Diana, which gradually takes account of the implications of a move to the other side of the world