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Prince George’s rebellious side: Blowing out 10 candles

Prince George: Breaking Royal Traditions

At only 10 years old (he will turn 10 on July 22nd) Prince George always appears impeccable, reserved and composed in official occasions. Quite the opposite of his five year old brother Louis who usually gives photographers spontaneous and fun moments with his faces, smirk and caprices. However, in private the firstborn of William and Kate Middleton is much more lively than one can imagine. As those who know him well tell, “he is a nice and really funny boy”. He has also shown to have a strong character. So much so that he is not afraid to rebel against the centuries-old royal traditions.

George’s Rebellion Against Royal Tradition

The most striking demonstration was seen last May at the coronation of King Charles III. According to tradition, the little one had to wear white knee-length trousers and stockings of the same color for his role as page. A prospect that terrified him, because “he was sure that his schoolmates would make fun of him”. So he convinced the sovereign grandfather to modify the centuries-old page uniform: no white socks and pants but dark trousers and a red jacket with blue trimmings on the wrists and gold details between buttons and epaulettes. A change that fully satisfied George, who was all smiles when, together with the other pages, he appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with the rest of the royal family.

George’s Preparation for the Throne

The little George is not afraid to break the royal traditions but at the same time he knows very well (because mom Kate and dad William explained it to him when he was only seven years old) that one day the crown of England will rest on his head. And he is learning the “job” of sovereign quickly: as royal observers point out, year after year, celebration after celebration, he appears more and more self-confident. Showing the bearing of the sovereign he will be. In anticipation of the throne, the firstborn of the Prince of Wales is enjoying a “as normal as possible” childhood. And as much as possible immersed in nature.



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