Prince Harry and Meghan Markle : the bookmakers believe that this is a divorce

In England, you can bet on everything and anything, and especially about the royal family. Since the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the bookmakers offer the same betting on their divorce, estimated probable by the specialized sites.

A clap of thunder. Since Meghan Markle and prince Harry have announced to take their distances with the royal family, the subject made every day in the news. The news has provoked a crisis meeting at Sandringham with the family, without Meghan Markle is invited. But this interview does not prevent things to speed up : the couple wants to be financially independent and plans to install in Canada. The second part of the project seems to be well positioned, since Justin Trudeau, the canadian Prime minister, seems willing to facilitate their arrival. In England, where it was the habit of betting on everything and anything, the decision of the Sussex made the happiness of the bookmakers.

Financial independence an achievable goal

Since 8 January, the date of the announcement of the couple, the bets on their future are open. And the odds offered by the bookies are not going in the direction of a happy end for Harry and Meghan. According to them, and information compiled by the Daily Mail,the Sussex has a greater chance of divorce within five years to come to be a part to full time for the royal family. Bet 100 euros on their divorce would bring in “only” 400 euros, while the same bet on a “return in the royal family” can reach up to € 1 500. For comparison, the bookmakers believe that the couple has a greater chance of divorce than Serena Williams to win Wimbledon, while the last finalist is for the moment the favorite predictions.
However, the bookmakers contradict the theories of the personal royal, “skeptical” about the idea of seeing the couple to be financially independent in the future. The betting sites feel that the goal is achievable : if someone bet 100 euros that the couple will become financially independent in the future, it will recover only a meagre profit of 50 euros… Has your predictions !