Prince Harry London: Born to question parentage at High Court of London.


Prince Harry’s Testimony in the High Court of London

Prince Harry has finally testified in the High Court of London for the lawsuit he brought against Mirror Group Newspapers, which he alleges illegally intercepted him between 1995 and 2011. He finally appeared in court on Tuesday, June 6th and was angry with everyone.

Prince Harry’s Experience with Tabloid Hostility

With the British tabloids, of course, but also with Paul Burrell, Lady Diana’s former butler, whom he called a “two-faced slimeball” for selling secrets about his mother, and with the UK government, which he labeled “the worst”. Speaking of the press, Harry was a river in full flow. Under oath, he declared that he had “experienced tabloid hostility” since he was a kid: “There was never a truce in the press coverage of every detail of my childhood”. Harry also said that at one point, when the newspapers started writing that he was using drugs, he even feared being expelled from school.

Prince Harry’s Allegations of Phone Hacking

Harry, the first British royal to go to court since 1891 (the historic precedent is Edward VII, who testified in a defamation trial), also confirmed in court that he had been a victim of phone hacking. But during the cross-examination, Mirror lawyer Andrew Green put him under pressure. Harry claimed to have read or seen millions of articles containing information and details that were too precise to have been leaked by insiders, friends or acquaintances. He then realized that this information had been obtained illegally.


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