Prince Harry Love with Chelsy Davy: Constant Surveillance Ended Our Story


The Interference of the Press

In front of the High Court of London, as part of the trial on telephone interceptions which Prince Harry is said to have been a victim of, two of his exes have also been brought into the equation; Caroline Flack, with whom he had a brief relationship in 2009, and above all Chelsy Davy. When he speaks of that period, Harry has no doubts: the interference of the press was the “main factor” in his break-up with the blonde South African. According to an official statement released by the New York Times, for Harry their relationship was “doomed due to the prying eyes of the tabloids”. Weighty statements, although not new.

The Fear of Surveillance

“I felt like I was always under surveillance”, wrote the Duke of Sussex. “I believe Chelsy found this even more difficult to deal with when she was living in England. Everyone has a limit to what they can take”. Harry and Chelsy in 2007 ©Getty Images. That with Davy was the first important story of Harry’s, lasting from 2004 to 2010, although not continuously. It would have been her to definitively say enough, and for one single reason: the royal life was not for her; too much curiosity and, above all, too much media exposure. On this point, the Prince has made no secret in the note released by the Times: “I tried to be the best partner I could be, but in my relationships there were always three people”, he admitted. In addition to the couple, the media.

The Queen’s Disapproval

Harry declared that this continuous presence had inevitable repercussions on the life of two. He and Chelsy Davy lived in fear, constantly worried about their safety, a situation that brought “an enormous amount of stress and unnecessary tensions in our relationship”. With time, their circle of friends became ever smaller – the Prince remembers – because those who surrounded them sooner or later found themselves somehow involved in the gossip. “I remember finding it very difficult to trust someone, which led to attacks of depression and paranoia”, Harry continued. Among the most difficult moments, the flirtation with a dark-haired girl at a party. “I had been immature, I hadn’t really thought through my actions, I had made a stupid decision and my mistakes were being played out publicly”, Harry wrote about some articles that appeared in the Daily Mirror on that occasion. The tabloid claimed that Chelsy was “furious with him” and that there had been a phone argument, with exact phrases reported. “How could the journalists know this?”, the Prince wonders. Harry and Chelsy Davy in 2008 ©Getty Images. However, another not insignificant element also influenced the end of the story with Chelsy, the Queen didn’t like the girl. This was revealed by Harry himself, in Spare. “She didn’t care what others thought”, wrote the Prince, “but it wasn’t a good thing that my girlfriend didn’t go down well with the Queen”.


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