Prince Harry to Carlo III: No extravagant gifts for Lilibet Diana


Family Ties: Harry, Charles, and Lilibet Diana

Grandparents, as we know, sometimes exaggerate when it comes to gifts for their grandchildren, and Prince Charles would not be spared from this, blocked by Prince Harry before he could do one of his. According to OK Magazine, which reported the indiscretion that had only emerged in recent hours, the king had thought of a very “sumptuous” gift, definitely too much for Harry, who would have advised his father to opt for something “less extravagant”. The object in question? A play house, but certainly not one of those common plastic or wooden ones to keep in the garden or on the balcony. Charles III had in mind to have one personalized, similar to the one that Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Margaret had when they were little. “He wants to give Lilibet something she will use and that will remain hers, she will remember it forever,” the insider told OK.

Prince Harry’s Veto

In the end, in short, nothing happened after the prince’s veto, although it is not known what Charles has resorted to to surprise his granddaughter, who is seventh in line of succession to the throne. Gift or not, however, the story shows that there is not all the acrimony that has been talked about uninterruptedly since the days of Megxit between Harry and Charles, and that father and son are in constant contact, despite not having been able to have a private meeting in recent months.

Royal Protocol

Nor do the insinuations about the silence of the royal family on the birthdays of Archie and Lilibet hold up anymore. No birthday wishes have arrived on Buckingham Palace’s social media, which is perfectly normal when it comes to “secondary” members of the family, who do not actively work for The Firm, it happens the same in other royal houses. In private, of course, it is all completely different, and one can think of gifts above the norm. As long as mom and dad approve, that is.


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