Prince Harry vs Tabloids: Buckingham Palace Shakes. Here’s Why.


Royal Family Troubles

New troubles for the British royal family: at the center of the issue is always him, Prince Harry, just returned to London for the lawsuit against the tabloids. And this is what worries King Charles and his son William, at least according to the latest rumors coming from the United Kingdom. “I can’t imagine anyone being happy, they will support each other in private,” an insider let slip to Page Six. At the center of it all is only one thing: the good name of the monarchy, prioritized even over the illegalities of which the prince was a victim, admitted by the editors of some British newspapers involved in the scandal.

Unpredictability of the Process

The unpredictability of the process, then, is what worries Buckingham Palace the most. The impossibility of knowing in advance what will happen leaves little room for effective countermeasures, and in a context where a lot is always at stake this is not a good thing, not to mention the secrets that could come out, potentially causing dangerous scandals. It is not, however, all here. Andrew Green, the lawyer representing the Mirror Group Newspapers, told the court that many of the stories published about Harry “Came from information disclosed by or on behalf of members of the royal family”. Obviously, at Court they already tremble thinking about what could emerge.

Prince Harry’s Reaction

As if that were not enough, Harry’s lawyer last Monday also dragged William into it, saying bluntly that the basis of the feud between the two brothers would be the phone hacking of which the younger was a victim. Harry arrived in London on Monday, but did not attend the first hearing of the case in which he is the protagonist, also provoking the anger of Judge Timothy Fancourt: “I’m a bit surprised,” he declared in court, annoyed. Harry this time preferred to take it easy and left Los Angeles after celebrating his daughter Lilibet’s second birthday on June 4th. Although he is apparently a victim, however, not everyone agrees with this reading, starting from the historian Hugo Vickers, who on the pages of Page Six accused him of wanting to set up a new circus. “He has time to come to England and cause problems, but not to see his family and solve big problems.” Maybe it’s not a matter of time, but of willingness. Could the wrongs suffered be so great as to leave no room for forgiveness (mutual)?


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