Prince Harry worried for the royal family, he gets closer, FINALLY, of his brother William

Thousands of miles of the british royal family, prince Harry has not the peace of mind. Worried for the health of his father and his grand-mother, the husband of Meghan Markle can fortunately count on a powerful ally to reassure him.

The epidemic of coronavirus is spreading in the world and spares no one, even the crowned heads. After the prince Albert II of Monaco, it was the turn of the prince of Wales of being tested positive at Covid-19. Charles, aged 71 years, presents the “mild symptoms” and would be in good health. The evidence, he continued to work ” as usual at home “these last days. Tested also, his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles is not reached by the virus. “Like the other keep a good state of mind, with a desire to keep his calm and continue conducting business as usual, ” said a relative of the couple to People magazine.

If the duchess of Cornwall watches over her husband, prince Charles can also count on the support and affection of his two sons. As soon as he learned of the diagnosis, the father of the family grabbed his phone.Prince Charles has spoken of his two sons. William to Norfolk, and Harry in Canada , said the expert in kingship Chris Ship on Twitter. A call that has aroused big anxiety in the husband of Meghan Markle. Then he was pointing the finger at the behavior of his relatives in a record unveiled just prior to his departure for North America, the dad of the little Archie now does everything to maintain the link. Worried for the health of his father, but also of her grand-parents confined to Windsor, he did his best to be present, despite the distance.

Harry and William are calming the tensions

“Meghan has made it known to his close circle of friends that Harry, William and the queen are in constant communication. She said that the global crisis has them all close together, especially Harry and his brother. Harry has clearly stated that he would do everything he could to help from Canada. “, told a source close to the Daily Mail. If the climate between the two brothers was cold during a visit to a couple in Sussex in England, everyone would therefore have since put water in his wine. It is therefore all the princes Harry and William have decided to face this test that affects their family and their country. This approximation long-awaited would no doubt make a lot of good to their father, Charles. The peace and love, there is a great need at this time.