Prince Louis’ Adorable Nickname Revealed by Kate Middleton


Prince Louis of Cambridge, now aged 5, is the third child of the Welsh princes. Just like his older siblings, George and Charlotte, he has a nickname with which his parents, Kate Middleton and William, usually refer to him in the family. We have recently discovered the tender and funny nickname of Prince Louis, thanks to the long coronation weekend of Charles in which the young Cambridge had a lot to do. On Monday, May 8th, Louis made his first “official commitment”: with parents and siblings, he volunteered for the third Upton Scout Group of Slough, repainting the walls, digging and planting seeds. It was then that we discovered his nickname: Lou Bug. Kate Middleton called him this while roasting marshmallows on the bonfire with the scouts. The closest Italian translation of Louis’s nickname could be Luigino-Insettino or maybe Luigino-Formichino.

Prince William and Kate have known their daughter Charlotte’s nickname for a long time. Due to her “exuberant” personality, she is known as “Warrior Princess” at the Willcocks Nursery School, but is also referred to as Lottie or Mignonette in the family. Prince George has two nicknames: PG, which is used by his parents and schoolmates, and Archie, which he gave himself. This is well before Prince Louis’ namesake, Archie Harrison, was born in May.

During the coronation, Prince Louis’ parents stayed very far away from Rose Hanbury, while Prince George had convinced Grandpa Charles to change the page uniform as he feared bullies. Prince Archie was also seen stroking the portrait of Grandma Diana in a photo that caused some controversy on social media.


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