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Princess Anna’s No Handshaking Reason

Adapting the Monarchy to Modern Times

Times change, but the Royals remain. While it’s true that the British Royal Family doesn’t fear a drop in popularity, it’s also true that, in some way, traditions and customs have had to adapt to modern times. Adapting the monarchy and its laws to modernity has always been a worry of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and it is also for her successors: just think of the attention to the environment in King Charles’ vision, or of Kate Middleton’s ability to reuse clothes and accessories as a sign of respect for the British people and the money spent to preserve the institution.

Princess Anne’s Old-Fashioned Teachings

However, there are customs that are hard to die, especially among the senior Royals, who do not tolerate having to bend to new habits. For example, we bet none of you have ever seen Princess Anne shake hands with someone on an official occasion. Unlike what other members of the Royal Family do, the second daughter of Elizabeth II and Philip of Edinburgh has a completely different opinion. “We never shake hands,” Princess Anne frankly explains how her life has changed since she became an active member of the royal family in the 2018 documentary Queen of the World. “The theory was that we couldn’t shake hands with everyone, so it’s better not to start at all. I stick to that, but I see that others don’t.” The reference is probably to the younger members of the royal family like William and Kate, who patiently and with a constant smile allow handshakes and selfies with the people during royal walks.

The Impact of Technology on Royal Events

“It seems to me that it has become an exercise of shaking hands, rather than a walk, if you understand what I mean,” said the princess. And even on the subject of selfies and photographs she wanted to clearly express her point of view, noting that in the past you had people to talk to, while now you only have screens: “Phones are bad enough, but iPads don’t even let you see their heads. You don’t know who you’re talking to.” “It’s strange,” continued Anna of the United Kingdom, “because people don’t believe they’ve really experienced an event unless they’ve taken pictures. Even when you’re right in front of them.” Isn’t it true that the princess, with her somewhat old-fashioned teachings, isn’t wrong after all?



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