Professional Training: Key to University & Job Success


Vocational Training: An Excellent Opportunity for the Future

Nowadays, many young people and their families face the pressure of passing the EBAU (Bachelor’s Assessment for University Access) or the EVAU (University Access Assessment) to access a university degree. However, there is an alternative option that offers excellent opportunities for the future: Vocational Training. First of all, it is important to emphasize that VET offers greater employability and a quick incorporation into the labor market. According to recent data, in the educational centers recognized for their excellence in VET, 3 out of 4 students find employment during the first year of completing their studies. If we talk about Dual VET, in which the student combines studies with remunerated practices in companies of the sector, this percentage rises to 90%. And the demand for qualified technicians is increasing in different sectors of the economy and many companies cannot cover all their job offers due to the lack of trained professionals.

No Cut-off Grade or Selectivity Required

On the other hand, and unlike the University, to access VET no cut-off grade is required nor is it necessary to pass the selectivity. This represents a great opportunity for students who do not feel comfortable with the EVAU exams or who wish to follow another academic and professional path. The educational centers have been recognized as leaders in VET for three consecutive years, which demonstrates their commitment to academic excellence and the quality of training they offer their students. In addition, studying offers additional advantages such as the possibility of accessing interest-free financing for 22 months so that VET is accessible and affordable for families and, in addition, in the Community of Madrid, VET can even be free thanks to the Scholarship.

Guaranteed Practices in the Best Companies

One of the topics that most worries the mothers and fathers of young students is the quality of the practices that their children will carry out. At the educational centers, the practices are guaranteed and are carried out in the best companies of each sector, such as Ikea, Accenture, Grupo Dani García or Vithas. The educational centers work with more than 4,000 companies, which allows students to acquire real experience in prestigious work environments and establish contacts that will be very valuable for their future professional. As a leader in VET, the educational centers guarantee the academic and professional success of its students, becoming the ideal choice for those who want a promising future full of opportunities.


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