Quaden Bayles : Hugh Jackman, Mark Hamill… The stars support the little boy harassed


From Thursday 20 February, a video showing a small boy the victim of harassment touches the internet users. Many stars, including Hugh Jackman, Mark Hamill, or even Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The sequence has been viewed over 17 million times. In Australia, the mother of a family released a video rending of his son. They show Quaden Bayles, a boy of nine years old, crying. Suffering from dwarfism, he asks his mom to help him finish with the life, because he is the constant victim of school bullying. “Give me a knife, I want to kill myself […]. I want someone to kill me “, beg-t-he sticking his head in the car seat. The unbearable images, which have not left anyone indifferent. This is the case, in particular, of Nadine Morano, who has published a message could not be more awkward on his social networks. “What cruelty ! Stop ! Total support to Quaden. A small hug from Josephine, guardian angel would be good “, y a-t-she writes. Enough to provoke the indignation of many internet users, including the youtubeur Cyprian, who saw in it a hint of mockery towards the poor child. But others, like the superstar Hugh Jackman, have shown much more tact.

The stars do hide their emotion in front of the video of Gaden Bayles

Very saddened by the images that he had discovered, the actor, the 51-year-old took to his Twitter account to provide his support to the little boy. “Quaden, you are stronger than you think. I am your friend , “said the famous X-Men in a short video, asking internet users to do away with the harassment because” life is already difficult enough “. Its next to Mark Hamill, the unforgettable Luke Skywalker of the Star Wars saga, said : “The cruelty is as stunning as heartbreaking. “Even the sound of a bell on the side of the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, including a preview in the skin of the character Negan in The Walking Dead. Under the shock, he proposed to the adorable little boy of the meet. “What I want you to know is that you have friends, including me. To me thou hast not yet met, but we will try to find a way to fix this “, he assured with a huge penalty in a short video. Messages of support who will probably be the first of a long series, as the images of the child have so changed the world. A pool was even open to offer Quaden a trip to Disneyland.


— Jeffrey Dean Morgan (@JDMorgan) February 20, 2020

Quaden – you’ve got a friend in me. #[email protected]://t.co/8dr3j2z8Sypic.twitter.com/jyqtZYC953

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) February 20, 2020

What cruelty ! Stop ! Total support Quaden https://t.co/m2PRs8tdvc a small hug from #JosephineAngeGardien would be good

— Nadine Morano (@nadine__morano) February 20, 2020


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