Queen Camilla: Artistic Talents Beyond Compare


Queen Camilla is therefore also an artist, and her first portrait is a portrait of a crown.

The British royal family has always been rich in artistic talent. King Charles is a highly capable painter, and Kate Middleton is a renowned photographer, with her own children being the subjects of some of her best work. Even Meghan Markle, a member of the “spare” branch of the family, is no stranger to the arts, being an actress. Now, it appears that Queen Camilla also has some impressive artistic skills. During a visit to Shirehampton Elementary School in Bristol, the Queen even joined in with the children, taking up some paper and pencils and drawing a sketch of Queen Mary’s crown from the coronation ceremony of 1911. With around 2,200 diamonds and the famous Koh-i-Noor, the crown was coloured purple inside by Queen Camilla, who then signed her work. Despite her own description of her drawing as “slightly shaky”, she received praise from the illustrator Rob Biddulph, who was present at the event with several well-known children’s authors. Queen Camilla also read from the book Horrid Henry: The Queen’s Visit, in which the Queen was unfortunately covered in mud and straw. The event was the launch of an initiative to create 50 libraries in areas with low reading rates among children and in poorer areas, where parents may not be able to buy books for their children. Each library will have 23 books chosen by children from all over the UK, and plaques commemorating Queen Camilla’s visit and the coronation will be present in each of them. Queen Camilla has already sponsored the National Literacy Trust and is a strong supporter of reading, and now it appears she is also an artist, with her first portrait being a portrait of a crown. Queen Camilla’s artistic skills are certainly admirable.


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