Queen Elizabeth in quarantine, only to Paul Whybrew is allowed to stay by her side

Queen Elizabeth and prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh, were quarantined together in the castle of Windsor in the middle of the lockdown coronavirus, which is now England has decided to embrace. Her Majesty and his Royal highness are united in isolation, but the Queen mother would have one person always at his side: Paul Whybrew, his trusted aide nicknamed Tall Paul aka Paul the high. Mr. Whybrew is known because it is now a fixed presence of Her Majesty, in the various social events, and not, that involve.

The great confidence gained against Paul Whybrew, aged 61, chief of staff, real and personal of the sovereign, the part in 1982, when he to arrest the intruder Michael Fagan when he burst into the queen’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace. Tall Paul was born as a nickname derived from his height of 1,92 cm. A source close told the Daily Mail: “The queen adores him. Presence is calming, perfect to have in these circumstances.” He has also acted in the special James Bond directed by Danny Boyle for the opening of the London 2012 Olympic games, alongside the Queen and Daniel Craig. Angela Kelly is at the disposal of the Real to meet as a waitress, the chef and domestic.

Both Tall Paul and Angela Kelly became so intimate of the spouses of the british Crown who were awarded the title of members of the Royal Victorian Order for services rendered. Both have a private house near all of the homes out of London to the queen, who in the order would be Balmoral, Sandringham, and Windsor castle, and, differently from the remaining part of the staff, can be invited ad personam to spend a few evenings home, if anything, even in front of the tv.