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Queen Elizabeth Monument: Antonio Caprarica ha lodato Carlo, re inclusivo.

The Legacy of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth has been a monument, so the void she left cannot be filled by any other living being. That’s what Antonio Caprarica said, one year exactly after the beloved sovereign’s passing away. He paints a memory of her and analyzes the first twelve months of Charles’ reign: “He is doing well, but he is a man and not a monument”, underlines the journalist and writer, expert in royal family, in the library both with Elizabeth. Forever Queen and with Charles III. The destiny of the crown.

Charles’ Reign

Charles, as many have written, had already been operating as a shadow king for some time: what is the most important lesson he has learned from his mother? “We must first consider that Charles is moving on a difficult threshold: carrying forward his mother’s legacy, giving the impression of not denying anything, but at the same time sending a signal of change, adapting to the times”. Double track: what does it specifically mean? “On the one hand, the preservation of the monarchy as a symbol of national unity, in fact already from his first message he addressed the weakest sectors. On the other hand, to be able to make his weight, his influence in national issues, while maintaining absolute political neutrality, as dictated by the Constitution. After all, Charles, more than his mother, has deep convictions, such as the protection of the environment and the protection of the weakest classes”.

Charles’ Agenda

In what area do you think there was the first big break from the past? “I think the most important novelty is the attention to inclusiveness, being a monarchy that includes everyone. And we had proof on the occasion of the coronation, which for the first time was a ceremony of national breath, not an event for very few privileged. There was also a group of people representing volunteering, which is the sector to which Charles looks with greater interest to leave to the new generations a more open England”. And, in terms of the future, environmental issues remain at the top of the king’s agenda. “Just think of when the Prime Minister Sunak announced to boycott the Cairo meeting on climate change. Charles then organized an informal one at Buckingham Palace, opened by Sunak’s intervention. Who then also flew to Egypt to take part in the official meeting. A way to show that the monarchy can influence political decisions, but without getting into the merits of the choices”.



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