Home Celebrity Scoop Queen Letizia trains Princess Leonor before joining Military Academy.

Queen Letizia trains Princess Leonor before joining Military Academy.

Princess Leonor’s Preparation for the Military Academy

Princess Leonor is in full preparation for her imminent admission to the Military Academy of Zaragoza. It will be on August 17 when the heir to Felipe VI begins this stage of her life in which her mother is already being a key piece as “coach”. Physical preparation is one of the requirements that is required of students to enter the Military Academy, although it seems that this part Leonor has it well covered. According to sources close to La Zarzuela, the Princess “is very committed to this new stage that is going to begin and is very disciplined”. The Princess Leonor trains with her mother.

Physical Requirements of the Academy

Now we already know the physical requirements that are required of the daughter of the Kings and the rest of the students: “Leonor must be able to complete a continuous race of at least 45 minutes three times a week and do more than 20 push-ups a day to achieve the established cut, which for women with a degree is 18”. They also assure that “the Queen and her daughter share some training”, so she will surely have no problem passing the tests.



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