Rafa Nadal Projects: What’s Next After Tennis Retirement


Rafa Nadal’s Retirement Plans

Rafa Nadal has taken the important decision to take a break from his sports career and retire definitively after 2024. However, this situation does not prevent the tennis player from having new projects in sight. During these months, in which he has stated that he will not train again, he will dedicate more time to his wife and his son, born on October 8th, with whom he will soon move to his new home.

Rafa Nadal’s New Business Venture

It is a spectacular 7,000 square meter residence with privileged views of the Mediterranean Sea and the port of Porto Cristo, the coastal area of Manacor, the tennis player’s hometown. While taking a break in the world of tennis, Rafa is expanding his business outside the sports field. And it is that the Manacorí launches himself into the world of hospitality with the opening of ZEL, a chain of hotels inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, a project that excites him very much. “I like to sail, especially in the Mediterranean. Eating on the beach while spending time with friends and family feeling at home. This is the most important thing, what I wanted to convey with ZEL,” explained Nadal.

Rafa Nadal’s Announcement

Rafa Nadal is a great lover of the sea. Surrounded by the most important people in his life, his family and his technical team, Rafa Nadal recently announced what many already suspected: “I put a point and a comma to my sports career“. Although the athlete said that “my intention is to return when I feel physically and mentally prepared”, he finally announced that “2024 will be my last year”. And it is that the injury suffered in the past Australian Open has caused the tennis player to take this tough decision. During the announcement, he was accompanied by his sister, his wife and his technical team, who were very attentive to his words. “I have many other good things that help me in my day to day. You can’t always demand more and more from the body. Although my head resists, my body has told me that this is it,” he revealed. “I need it and those around me. We will all benefit from a disconnection because they see me suffer and, when I feel prepared, I will return,” added the tennis player.


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