Raquel Bollo: TV Beginnings & Controversial Moments


Raquel Bollo’s TV Career

We met Raquel Bollo on television back in 2002: she jumped to fame as Chiquetete’s wife and, afterwards, narrated on air her hell of domestic abuse alongside Isabel Pantoja’s cousin. Only one year later, in 2003, she made her debut as a collaborator in the show ‘A tu lado’, mainly to talk about the singer, who always stood by her side after her cousin’s divorce.

Raquel’s Visceral Attitude

If there is one word that defines Raquel Bollo on television, that is “visceral”. Chiquetete’s ex is not exactly cold-blooded, and she has always been able to jump like a spring against anyone, to defend herself or defend her own. Her first great argument on live TV was in ‘Sálvame Diario’, in 2011. Raquel attacked all her colleagues because they were claiming that Luis Rollán had agreed on the exclusive of his wedding behind the guests’ backs. “You are behaving disgustingly“, she shouted without shame, adding almost out of herself that “Luis is very quiet and knows a lot about all of you… That all of you have a lot of shit”.

Raquel’s Defending Attitude

To this notorious confrontation, numerous other disagreements have been added: from Lydia Lozano to Aguasantas, her ex-daughter-in-law, passing through Las Mellis, Rafa Mora, Kiko Hernández or Chelo García-Cortés. All of them, at some point, have been victims of Raquel Bollo’s anger. One of the most uncomfortable, the one she had in ‘Deluxe’ in 2016 with Kiko Matamoros. Everything came because Raquel shared a house in ‘GH Vip’ with Laura Matamoros, and the collaborator entered to visit his daughter. While Manuel Cortés has now had to be evacuated due to health problems and will not return to the contest, the truth is that in the almost 90 days that Raquel Bollo has had her two children in Honduras, she has become their great defender, even if that has included jumping against everything and everyone. Her most serious fights: the ones she had with Alexia Rivas and with her own niece, Isa Pantoja.


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