Raquel Perera, Alejandro Sanz: A Great Love Story


A Relationship of Friendship and Affection

Their divorce has not prevented them from achieving a relationship of friendship and affection. These days, when Alejandro Sanz has gone through a bad emotional period, Raquel Perera has been concerned about the father of her two children and is happy to confirm that “he is doing well, his condition is not alarming, he has felt sad and that is why he has sent that message, but he is already better and I am sure that his courage in recognizing how he felt will help many people to channel the bad moments, which in a way we have all felt at some stage of our lives”.

A Healthy and Positive Relationship

The couple got married on May 26, 2012, after more than five years together. They separated in July 2019. Last May 31, Raquel published “Para que no te olvides” (Editorial Espasa), dedicated especially to her children, so that we can learn to enjoy the happy moments and face the difficulties better.

Accepting and Managing Emotions

SOON: You have been writing a diary for years. How do you reflect your stage with Alejandro? RAQUEL PERERA: For me it has been my great love, and nowadays it is a friend and will always be part of my family. We have achieved a healthy, beautiful and very positive relationship, which is a good example for our children. P.: What do you try to achieve with the book? R.P.: I intend, in general, to touch the emotion and awareness of all those who want to improve as people and, in particular, that my children have a kind of lighthouse that helps them to know themselves. P.: What values do you instill in them? R.P.: Honesty, integrity and ethics. Also love for them, for others, as well as for nature and animals. In short, that they build themselves from kindness and respect. P.: You say they must learn to handle suffering. How is it achieved? R.P.: First of all, you have to accept it and not fear it. Knowing oneself and understanding how we react to situations reduces the level of suffering. They say it lasts as long as it takes to accept it. P.: And what is the formula to overcome frustrations? R.P.: We will not be able to face the world if we do not first know our limitations and work on them. P.: Has it cost you to receive love again? R.P.: Actually, I have worked to fall in love with myself again and I have achieved it to a great extent. P.: How do you manage emotions? R.P.: By knowing them. Emotions give us information about how we adapt to the world. But they are temporary, so it is not good to make permanent decisions based on emotions. We must use reason not only emotion.


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