Rauw Alejandro on Breakup with Rosalía: Explained


The Breakup of Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía

In the style of Shakira with Piqué, Rauw Alejandro has wanted to give his version of his unexpected and surprising love break up with Rosalía, in which it was pointed out that he had cheated on her with someone else, with a song. “I will be many things, but never unfaithful,” sings the Puerto Rican singer in ‘Hayami Hana’, the long track he has just released in which he does not hide his sadness for the shipwreck of a three-year love that was supposed to lead them to marriage.

The Length of the Relationship

Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía shared 3 years of love. “I will finish our little house in case you come back, today I leave you writing, not wanting,” continues the artist, who is now in Japan, one of the favorite countries of what he calls ‘his motomami’, and who does not seem closed to a reconciliation.

The Reaction of Rosalía

For her part, Rosalía, who came out to defend her ex after the break up was announced, has not made any statement about the song, in which Alejandro suggests that the environment (work, press, teams, networks…) was the executioner of their love.


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