Reality TV Sanction: Gov’t Penalizes 2 Contestants for Questionable Practices


Misleading Commercial Practices

Two famous reality TV contestants have just been caught by the DGCCRF (the General Directorate of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control) for “misleading commercial practices on social networks”. If they avoided paying a huge fine, as Nabilla did in the past, which could go up to 300,000 euros and even cost them two years in prison, the two young men were forced, on Wednesday, May 31, to post on their Instagram accounts the injunction they each received from the DGCCRF. An injunction that indicates their failure to comply with the law in the influence environment. Although they have disabled comments under their posts, Simon Castaldi and Illan Castronovo have not escaped criticism. On Instagram stories, they both denounced the harassment they have been subjected to since these revelations.

Simon Castaldi’s Clarification

Simon Castaldi wanted to make a clarification and assured that he had never tried to steal from his subscribers. “Regarding what I posted yesterday. I remind you that I was only convicted because I forgot the hashtag ‘sponsored’ on some of my product placements in the past, because I was not paying attention. So let’s be clear, I did not do any scams or weird trades or credit card thefts…”, he explained. And he continued: “I am happy that things are moving, that the state is aware of the abuses of social networks. I was totally transparent with the agents of the DGCCRF, I showed them all my figures, my taxes etc… I am clean.”

Illan Castronovo’s Admission

Illan Castronovo also spoke, admitting to have made “three mistakes” during his seven years of influence. “The first was not to put the hashtag ‘sponsored’ on all my posts, the second was to promote a CPF program by making believe that you could win an Iphone or something like that. And the third, it was not related to sports betting. Making allegations and promising money gains is prohibited. I was not fined, but I received a reminder”, he clarified.


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