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Rebecca Hampton: Tackling strained relationship with daughter’s father

The End of Plus Belle La Vie: A Difficult Transition for Rebecca Hampton and Her Daughter

The end of Plus belle la vie was experienced as a real upheaval by Rebecca Hampton who played Céline Frémont in the series. The actress confides in the magazine Public published this day, Friday, September 1st, on the radical change of her habits but also of those of Eléa, her 10-year-old daughter. On her role as a mother, Rebecca explains to our colleagues: “When I was younger, I imagined myself a mother of a large family with a house in the countryside, and then things went differently. I chose a complicated job. My parents separated when I was a child, so even if I have been very much in love in my life, I think I have always had a form of fear of separating and I made sure not to have children for years.”

The Birth of Eléa: A Surprise for Rebecca Hampton

The actress specifies that she “met relatively late” the father of her daughter. When she learns that she is pregnant, it goes without saying for her that she must keep this baby. “When I discovered that I was pregnant, I was approaching forty and I told myself that it was impossible not to keep her. It wasn’t calculated, but it happened because it had to happen. We laughed with her father, which by the way did not happen often, because he who was already a father told me: ‘I only have boys and I will only have boys’, and I told him that I would only carry a girl. It’s hard to explain, but I knew it was Elea,” says Rebecca Hampton. Separated from her partner during the pregnancy, she mentions a difficult period which she chose to live serenely in order to try not to keep a bad memory of it. “I said to myself either I get depressed and it will be hell, or I decide right away that it will be a great pregnancy. And it was. I was happy,” she assures.

Rebecca Hampton and Eléa’s New Life in Paris

Then she took the opportunity to take a dig at her ex: “We can’t say that the father of my daughter takes care of her, or of me either. He sees her a bit.” The adopted Marseillaise nevertheless takes care to emphasize the important role of the parents of her ex in the life of her daughter. “On the other hand, his paternal grandparents are extraordinary people with whom she spent half the holidays! His great-grandmother wished her 10 years old at the end of August, it was magnificent! “, she remembers. The only child of the actress, she too has suffered from the end of the France 3 series. Rebecca Hampton details: “I always say that when you are alone in a situation, you manage very well. At least until ten years ago, I managed all situations quite clearly because it only concerned me. And since I have my daughter, things are very different.” She specifies that her daughter is from Marseille but that she had to take a radical decision: “I told myself that she did not have to suffer from my choices. So I enrolled her in a Parisian high school and I brought her with me. She is very happy, she has friends, it’s very good.”



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