Reina Sofía, family troubles sadden her deeply.


The Emeritus Queen Lives in the Palace

Queen Sofia, at 84 years old, is not enjoying the peaceful old age that she should. The emeritus queen lives in the palace with her sister Irene, her handkerchief of tears and companion of sleepless nights, since her husband left for Abu Dhabi and her children and grandchildren are living their lives, some of which keep her up at night. When her son-in-law Iñaki was charged, her husband abdicated and various scandals began to emerge, she, who had perfectly fulfilled her role as queen consort and selfless wife, could have gone to her native Greece with a “here you stay”, but she remained in Madrid, acting as a rock, the element of union and balm for the whole family.

Juan Carlos Left for Abu Dhabi

Three years ago, Juan Carlos left for Abu Dhabi after information about his personal fortune and his romantic relationship with Corinna Larsen came to light, and although his wife has never gone to visit him, sources close to the emeritus assure that they call each other regularly and he was by her side when her brother, Constantino, passed away. Juan Carlos and Corinna at a party. Juan Carlos wishes to return to Spain or, at least, come more often, but regardless of what Sofia thinks, the Zarzuela was annoyed by the media stir of his visits to Sanxenxo, so he will have to remain in the Persian Gulf. There he will receive another blow, which will also be unpleasant for his wife. This is the premiere of the docuseries ‘Juan Carlos: the fall of the king’ (Skyshowtime), an investigative work that investigates his infidelities and the dark origin of his fortune through interviews with associates, journalists, former commissioner Villarejo and Corinna herself, who will show some of the documents she keeps and which, supposedly, compromise the King. “Proof of his failure is that I am talking now, revealing secrets that I could have kept forever,” Corinna says. In ‘Juan Carlos: the fall of the king’, unpublished photos of the former monarch with his former lover and the son of the latter, who, according to some sources, called him “dad”, will be seen.

Sofia’s Main Goal is to Help Felipe

The emeritus queen is worried that the statements of the former “other” may harm the Royal Family, something she is not willing to allow. Her main goal is to help Felipe to clean up the reputation of the monarchy and strengthen it for the future, so, at her age, she continues to sponsor numerous projects, such as food banks, and travel, as she did a few days ago to Houston (Texas, USA) to present various Spanish cultural initiatives and deliver the Queen Sofia Awards, among whose winners this year were Gloria Estefan and her husband, Emilio. Juan Carlos and Corinna at a barbecue.


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