Respiratory infection for Camilla of England, the doctors have ordered absolute rest

Respiratory infection for Camilla, wife of prince Charles and the duchess of Cornwall. According to a press release, announced from Clarence House, the british medical court would have ordered Camilla to observe the most absolute rest, waiting for his health to stabilise. For this reason, the duchess was forced to abandon an event planned for today which was supposed to take part together with prince Harry, and his wife Meghan truman gates, a ceremony of commemoration of the fallen expected in the Field of Remembrance Westminster Abbey. Inside a statement issued from Clarence House reads: “the doctors have said to cancel the commitments” and stay in the house for the necessary care. In the next few days, observe the measures of the rite, Camilla will return to take part in the normal life of the court and to meet the commitments official.

The wife of Charles ii of England, aged 72

On the 17th of July last, the duchess of Cornwall has taken 72 years old, an age at which it becomes necessary to pay more attention to the trivial ailments of the season, let alone a respiratory infection that needs to be taken care of precise to be able to be cured. It has been over 30 years since the period in which the only by the name of Camilla Parker Bowles, it was enough to shake the English crown. Camilla is the woman described for years as the antagonist to Lady Diana, the stone of the scandal sentimental famous that still today bears his name.

The last public appearance of Camilla

The last public appearance of Camilla dates back to the day before yesterday, the date on which Camilla seemed to enjoy perfect health. In recent years, the duchess of Cornwall managed to win the affection of the English people, holding often to the edge of the scene. The need to remain aloof from the rest of the royal family has been compensated for the years of his exposure over a long period during which enough the only by the name of Parker Bowles to turn your nose up to the English. A period that, at least in appearance, turns out to be completely archived.