Retirement home film discomfort: Uncomfortable actress on set.


The Cast of Maison de retraite 2

The cast of Maison de retraite 2 is set to hit cinemas in 2024 and features Kev Adams, Jean Reno, Chantal Ladesou and also Amanda Lear who was even given some magnificent perms for the shoot. Interviewed by journalists from Le Parisien, the 83-year-old actress is having a hard time getting used to the hyper-realistic set.

The Plot of the Sequel

What’s the plot of this sequel? It follows the adventures of Milann and the residents of the retirement home: Fleurette, Sylvette, Alfred, Edmond… who are now living alongside the children of an orphanage. It would be about machinations around a dark eviction case. Directed by Claude Zidi and Kev Adams, this sequel could be a big hit. As a reminder, the first film had over 2 million admissions in cinemas.

The Success of the First Film

“More than two months after its release, the film led by Kev Adams is still in cinemas and has just passed the 2 million admissions mark, placing it on the French box office podium for the year, behind The Batman (close to 3 million admissions) and Uncharted (close to 2.5 million admissions),” Allociné said at the time. A film that has stood the test of time!


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