Retirement Refusal: Ramon Arcusa of Duo Dinamico won’t consider it.


Living Life to the Fullest

Ramón Arcusa is 86 years old and still going strong, without having retirement in mind. The artist has been singing with Manuel de la Calva as the “Duo Dinamico” for 65 years and their performances are counted by the hundreds. “I take care of myself a lot, I do exercise every day and I follow a balanced diet,” Ramón tells us.

A Life of Dedication

This weekend I will participate in a tennis championship for over 85s, representing the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona. And at the end of August I will return to the stages with Manolo, who is recovering from a back operation. We have had to cancel several concerts. We don’t even think of retiring,” the singer explained. Ramón, very focused playing tennis.

The Song of His Life

SOON: How do you remember your beginnings? RAMÓN ARCUSA: They were wonderful, like a romance with music. The same one we live now, because if we didn’t have a loyal audience, we couldn’t sing. But we still interest people, they recognize us on the street and they love us. Our songs are part of collective memory. P.: You are incorruptible. R.A.: Ha, ha, ha. The truth is that we take care of ourselves a lot. We lead a very orderly life. P.: What is the song of your life? R.A.: One that I composed with Manolo, ‘Perdoname’, which brings us great memories. And ‘Resistire’, which has become an anthem of strength, both in campaigns against various diseases and during the pandemic. It is a song that gives us a lot of satisfaction. People cling to it to try to overcome problems of all kinds. P.: A few days ago you received a very special distinction … R.A.: Yes, the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE) gave Manolo and me their Key for having been members of the institution for more than half a century. Imagine, we entered the entity 62 years ago.


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