Richard Gere & Alejandra Gere Helping Homeless Youth


The #2030Countdown Campaign

Richard Gere and his wife, Alejandra, are promoting the initiative of which she is godmother, ‘Home Yes’, which is part of the RAIS Foundation and works with homeless people. This is the #2030Countdown campaign, whose goal is that, in seven years, no one will sleep on the street in Spain. The challenge is not small, as according to the latest figures more than 37,000 people do not have a roof over their heads in our country.

The Impact on Richard Gere

It impacted Richard Gere to play a “sintecho”. The 73-year-old actor is especially sensitive to this problem as he has been “living” on the street for almost 10 years. He did it to prepare for his role as a “sintecho” in the movie ‘Invisibles’ and, although the experience was very brief, it marked him forever because he felt in his own skin what it is like to be excluded from society for not having a home, as he explained: “It was the first time in 45 years as a star that I felt invisible. Nobody paid attention to me. From a distance, they saw a homeless person and preferred not to see me. Nobody recognized me because they didn’t look me in the eyes. For 45 minutes, nobody said anything to me. If that happens to me, imagine a common person”.

Learn More

Find out more about this initiative by Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva in the pages of your favorite magazine.


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