Rihanna’s Pregnancy: What to Know


Rihanna’s Dream of a Large Family

After announcing her second pregnancy at the 2023 Super Bowl, less than a year after the birth of her first child RZA Athleston Mayers, Rihanna is enjoying the anticipation of the second baby, born from her love with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky. With her extra-smooth black hair, fringe, visible tattoos and increasingly pronounced baby bump, Rihanna is a dream. The 35-year-old Barbados singer has always dreamed of a large family.

A Secondary Project: Marriage

As for the wedding with rapper A$AP Rocky, one year younger than her, at the moment it is a secondary project: first there are the children and life as parents. Last year, she had declared: “I always thought that there would be marriage first and then a baby, but who says it has to be like that? Certainly, I will not let this stand between me and my being a mother”.

Finding True Happiness

In February 2023, however, Rihanna was a guest on the Process with Nate Burleson podcast and explained how she feels in this phase: “Today I live for my son. Everything makes sense now. Everything is different, life before the birth of my son appears small, dark and nebulous, since he arrived everything has improved. Of course, there is a lot of hard work as a parent, but nothing is more rewarding than this”. In short, it seems that the singer of Love on the brain, Diamonds and Rude Boy has found true happiness.


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