Risto Mejide, happy with his new family, girlfriend and pet.


Risto Mejide’s Sweetest Moment

Despite all the criticism received in recent times after his break up with Laura Escanes, Risto Mejide has flaunted his new love life and shared an image with his new girlfriend, Natalia Almarcha, his daughter Roma and his little dog. The age difference between them has not been an obstacle for Risto to defend his new relationship, so much so that he wanted to show off his new life on social networks.

Risto’s New Life

Risto Mejide is living one of his sweetest and most exciting stages with his new love and he has made it known to all his followers, since he has shared a beautiful image of his best moment. This weekend has been especially comforting for him, and he has enjoyed a few days with his girlfriend, his daughter Roma and his little dog. Natalia shares an image of Risto and his dog. The publicist has regained the illusion with the pharmacist and, although they officially confirmed their romance last March, they had already been seen on several occasions enjoying their love.

Risto’s Greatest Support

Despite wanting to hide his identity, the young Valencian accompanied Risto to the presentation of his new book weeks ago, being his greatest support.


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