Rita Rusic inflames the network after the Gf Vip: the selfie in the mirror is hot (PHOTOS)

Big Brother Vip, we have learned to conocescerla in all its seductive personality, cold in temperament but super sexy look. And, once you exit from the House of Cinecittà, Rita Rusic confirms what was shown in the reality show of Channel 5. Here she is, in fact, in the last selfie posted on Instagram while showing you in intimate followers, winking to the camera. And the network is blazing.

The selfie hot, Rita Rusic

The occasion of the shot is one of the outputs glamorous lady Rusic. “Getting ready for tonight”, wrote the former actress, and producer, in view of the important evening. Which, translated in Italian, means: “in Preparing for this evening”. The lingerie is sexy but eccentric in the colors, purple and fuchsia. Makeup glitter on the eyelids, red lipstick on the lips. The audacity and the like to be followers, which reward the post with 4000 likes in an hour. “Miss you in the house”, writes someone. “Sensual yet never vulgar,” adds someone else.

rita rusic-4

Immediately after the exit from the House, Rita began a new period of success mediaticor. It is, in fact, often a guest of talk show, the most renowned of Mediaset, to Live is not the d’urso in the Afternoon 5. A fixed appointment is, instead, the stake of GF Vip, who is back in the wave this evening in prime time on Channel 5 (HERE are THE SPOILERS).