Roberto Farnesi: “In 50 years I want a son. I have been a victim of stalking”

The actor Roberto Farnesi is one of the most famous faces of the television, interpreting various roles that have won the hearts of the viewers. From one Hundred windows, the Three roses of Eva, up to The Paradise of the Lord in his daily version. In an interview to the weekly the People the actor has told, speaking of his private life, and also of an unfortunate episode that saw him protagonist.

Roberto Farnesi victim of stalking

With his new role in The paradise of the Lord, the fiction of Bbc1 which has been a resounding success in terms of audience and public, Roberto Farnesi is back in the plant stable in the homes of italians. The fascinating tuscan actor, in an interview to the weekly People has told, without hiding the concern for what has happened, to have been the victim of stalking by a fan. The woman would have completely lost his head for him as much to present insistently to the restaurant of its property open to the Aurelia, from the name of The restaurant and the Shop of The Park, but not only. In fact, the actor tells of having found it in the garden of his home, not to mention the fact that the stalker would have used several fictitious identities to contact them on social networks. The matter ended up in court and expects a final judgment in the case, meanwhile, Farnesi commented on the matter: “to Be a victim of this crime means feel heavily influenced. You’re always on the people who live, your habits and your patterns of life will suffer. And all because of a person that don’t know”.

The desire to have a child

In the meantime, his private life, in spite of these moments of tension, proceeds swimmingly: five years is the boyfriend of the young Lucya Balestro. Separate them, 24-year age difference , and the story has also been challenged more times, from the moment that the two started dating when she was just 21 years old. The love and complicity are not lacking in this couple, so much so that the actor has not hesitated to express his / her desires and her future projects, to achieve next to his companion:

In July I turned 50 and I have a great desire: to have a son. At the wedding they are allergic, are not enough religious to believe in the sacrament, and I would marry even civilly because a contract between two people who love each other is nonsense. But a child yes, I would, coronerebbe a strong relationship, the one between me and my partner Lucya. The age difference, 24 years old, I’m not afraid: it is the same as there was between my father and my mother, who you loved until the last day of his life and they had 4 children, I am the last, born when dad was 56 years old. But I don’t want to wait so long. I look forward to only that Lucya is stabilized on the job, then we’ll try it.