Roberto Farnesi, the end of a nightmare for the protagonist of “The paradise of the lord”

The end of a drama in Roberto Farnesi; the beautiful tuscan actor has told of the nightmare that he lived to the magazine People. He’s charming, 50-year-old, well-known face on Italian tv, he also played the role in the soap Canale 5, Centovetrine and in The three roses of Eve, and today is the protagonist of the fiction of the success of the tv show “the paradise of The lord”, has been the victim of stalking by a fan who he himself reveals it was taken.

Roberto Farnesi tells the story of her nightmare

As told, the woman would be literally lost his head for him, so much so that it would be presented repeatedly in the restaurant of his / her property and she would be found even in the garden of the house of the actor. The stalking continued even on social networks where the fans used fictitious identities. The matter ended up in court and is awaiting judgment.

The future with his Lucya

The nightmare seems to come to an end for the Farnesi, who can now look to the future and dream of a family with his girlfriend Lucya Balestro , which is very much in love despite the age difference that does not seem to scare the two. Lucya has, in fact, 24 years younger than the actor, but you know, in love age does not matter. With the beautiful Lucya, Farnesi says to a child, without necessarily orange blossom, on the contrary, it seems that the ” causing “a certain allergy” and it is he himself to admit it in the interview to the People.

No desire for marriage

“I have a great desire: to have a son. At the wedding they are allergic, are not enough religious to believe in the sacrament, and I would marry even civilly because a contract between two people who love each other is nonsense. But a child yes, I would, coronerebbe a strong relationship, the one between me and my partner Lucya. The age difference, 24 years old, I’m not afraid: it is the same as there was between my father and my mother, who you loved until the last day of his life and they had 4 children, I am the last, born when dad was 56 years old. But I don’t want to wait so long. I look forward to only that Lucya is stabilized on the job, then we will try.”