Rocco Siffredi, 25 years of marriage with Rose: “The rest in Budapest in my studios”

Rocco Siffredi and his wife Rosa Caracciolo cut an important goal. The couple celebrated 25 years of marriage and the star of the red lights has the intention to remarry the mother of his two children (Lorenzo and Leonardo). “I’m twenty-five years of our marriage: it’s a great result and we decided to celebrate as it should – has revealed to Novella 2000 -. Since my wife is extremely romantic, the least I can do for her is to organize a party on the bridge, with the family, children and friends of the whole life. Basically it is a private ceremony, an intimate celebration that we will make from us in Budapest. It will be a private party, at the end of the summer, and in the open, where it is usually around: in Siffredi Studios.”

The two were married in 1994 in Budapest, where they live and work, and are happy to giurarsi once again love the lord. “The important thing is to relive this moment, again and together explained Siffredi – And probably with the same clothes. My wife is more of the idea of getting a new dress, but I put the exact same dress 25 years ago, a sort of return to the past”.

Rocco and Rosa are still affiatatissimi and the king of the hard Italian can not do without her: “When I’m away for work, I miss his affection and his presence, especially in the evening, when I go to sleep, or in the morning when I wake up. If I have to go to bed alone and waking up alone, for example, if you are in a hotel, traveling for work, this is the most ugly where I feel that Pink, I miss it so much.