Rocio Carrasco: Abandonment Trial of her Son David Flores


Rocío Carrasco’s Legal Battles

Rocío Carrasco’s legal battles are like a never-ending lightning bolt: they never end and are a clear proof that the daughter of La Más Grande continues to be as confrontational as ever with her ex-husband, Antonio David Flores, and her children. Thus, on June 28, a trial was to be held in the 11th Madrid Penal Court for the lawsuit filed by David Flores, 24, against his mother for an alleged crime of abandonment of family. In this case, the prosecutor and the private prosecution are asking that Rocío be sentenced to one year in prison and to pay a fine of between 15,000 and 19,000 euros for the annual payments of 200 euros that Carrasco should have paid to her son since 2018 and that the woman of Fidel Albiac never paid. In addition, she is accused of not having paid the medical insurance premiums of the young man so that the 24-year-old, who is affected by a disability, would not be left without medical coverage.

Failed Trial

Rocío Flores, who accompanied her brother but had invoked her right not to testify at the hearing, was surprised by the no-show of her mother, whom she hasn’t seen in years. According to the lawyer of the daughter of Pedro Carrasco, her client could not attend the trial for not having been previously informed of its celebration. Notifications must be left in the mailbox of the defendants’ address and, apparently, access to the residence of Rocío and Fidel Albiac is not easy, which motivated the trial to be postponed, without knowing the new date. Those who did attend the court date were Antonio David and his children. The young man attended as a victim, while the prosecution was to call the former Civil Guard as a witness. Rocío Flores spoke about her mother’s no-show, whom she was going to see after many years, assuring that it had been “a surprise” that she did not show up. She also explained that she had invoked her right not to testify at the trial and that the lawyer of Carrasco knew it. “Despite the damage she has done to me and having destroyed my life, I have always been clear that she is my mother and I was not going to testify against her,” said the granddaughter of La Jurado on the YouTube channel ‘Derecho al corazón’, where she added that she is “living a hell. I don’t understand many things and I will never understand them”.

Antonio David’s Legal Victory

A day before the Carrasco’s “scare”, her ex-husband won an important legal victory, which is indirectly related to the fight that the former couple has maintained since their separation, in 1999. David with Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac before 2016, when he stopped living in his mother’s house.


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