Rocío Flores suffers dizziness, visits doctor


Rocío Flores’s Health Status

Rocío Flores has explained on her social media that, for some time now, she has been suffering from strong dizziness that she has been dealing with for years. It seems that this happens to her seasonally and, despite having gone to the doctor several times, they have never been able to tell her what is wrong. That is why the other day they told her to get “tests of absolutely everything, including feces”, she explained showing the plastic bottle.

Searching for an Explanation

The young woman revealed that, in addition, “they have done an ultrasound of my thyroid and in the ultrasound it seems that I have it well” and they have also asked for “a lactose and fructose test”. Rocío Flores left the doctor with several tests pending. With all this, she hopes that the doctors will finally find out what is wrong with her: “So let’s see where my dizziness comes from…“, she said, hopeful.

Updating Her Status

Last night, before going to bed, the influencer gave a small update on her health: “A warm little soup and to bed, because tomorrow I have a test in the morning, to see what they tell me. I’m supposed to be as healthy as a pear, but at least I’ll know where my dizziness comes from“, she explained. Rocío updated her health status. The young woman also said that this is why she is a bit more absent on her social media, since the visits to the doctor are taking up a lot of her time in recent days, in addition to feeling more tired than normal.


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