Home Celebrity Scoop Rocio Munoz Morales mourns her dad with tender dedication.

Rocio Munoz Morales mourns her dad with tender dedication.

The Loss of a Beloved Parent

Rocío Muñoz Morales, the showgirl, shared her sorrow on social media for the loss of her beloved parent, Mr. Manuel. She dedicated simple but moving words on Instagram: “Forever in my heart, dad. Rest in Peace”. The partner of Raoul Bova has described the illness that her father has been fighting for a long time – at least since the beginning of the year – and which eventually took his life peacefully.

A Champion, a Warrior, a Fighter

Always online, Rocío Muñoz Morales described him as “a champion, a warrior, a fighter“. The actress has often spoken of her parent: “Today is YOUR day, YOUR party my little dad. And it’s a special party … For a month you, or rather we (because you are not alone) have been fighting for life, fighting with all your/our strength. And I can only tell you with immense sadness and pain in my heart, that you are a champion, a warrior, a fighter … Actually what you have always been. I love you infinitely … I adore you … And I am very proud that YOU are my dad “.

The Muñoz Morales Family

Rocío, mother of Alma and Luna, has always talked about her attachment to family and parents, especially on Instagram, in posts like this: “(*I don’t talk about them often … They are a precious part of my life, but today I felt like doing it.) They are the PROTAGONISTS of my life … They are my family. My family of origin. My father Manuel, in the center; (recognizable among all his women) an old-fashioned man with a big heart and for whom respect is a very important value. My mother Mª Pilar, my angel, an immense example as a woman and as a mother. She never complains, she never asks for anything, she taught us how important it is to say I love you, I love you, to hug and kiss in love. My older sister Pilar, next to me, we have 15 years of difference but an unparalleled complicity, she is perhaps the most introverted of all, but she is of a rare generosity. My sister Verónica, on the left, the one in the middle of us three sisters in age, a woman of overwhelming strength and energy, but deeply fragile, very affectionate. She is happy when others are happy. We are the Muñoz Morales, the real protagonists of my life (together with my partner and my daughters). We say that they are also full of defects, but I am sure that they are my greatest fortune. We are linked by a lot of respect and joy for each other’s lives, the power to find beauty in the humblest and simplest things. And even though we don’t all live together anymore, we still understand each other like no one else can do. They are the people I always come back to, they are my natural center. I LOVE YOU INFINITE FAMILY“.



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