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Rodolfo Sancho: “No tears will be shed” after first visit to son Daniel in prison.

The Case of Edwin Arrieta

During the last month, Daniel Sancho’s family steps have been measured to the millimeter. Since the chef pleaded guilty to the murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrieta, his family has tried to maintain silence as much as possible and have issued statements through their lawyers and representatives.

Rodolfo Sancho’s Public Appearance

Until now. After his first visit to Koh Samui prison, where the 29-year-old is located, the actor of ‘El ministerio del tiempo’ has spoken to the media with some first words dedicated to them and to the victim’s family. “I apologize for the commotion that has been created, which I want to make clear that it is not incited by me or by my family…“, he began. Rodolfo has once again emphasized his desire to express his condolences and sympathies to the victim’s family, but has surprised by ending any rumor or information that points to him having as many difficulties to face this issue as is commented. “I’m not crying on the floor, that’s not me … there are two ways to take things when they come in life. You can take it as a misfortune or as a challenge, I’ve always said it. I think that’s enough. You won’t get tears from me“, he sentenced.

Reactions to Rodolfo’s Words

The actor has raised certain criticisms for these peremptory words, which have been the first since we have been able to hear from the actor since the case of his son came to light. Many social network users have labeled them as “unfortunate” or even “arrogant”. In fact, La 1’s ‘Mañaneros’ program has managed to get in touch with Amalia, a very close friend of Edwin whom they consider as their “second mother”. She has reacted to Rodolfo’s words expressing that “it seems something trivial. As if he did it because he had no other choice. I do not believe that there are feelings in his condolences“. “He fights to get his son out of prison. We fight for him to pay because it was a vile murder“, he sentenced, making it clear that he did not accept the actor’s apologies after this public appearance.



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