Rodri Fuertes, Adara Molinero Split: Clarifies Relationship Status


The Relationship Between Adara Molinero and Rodri Fuertes

Adara Molinero’s relationship with Rodri Fuertes has been as intense as it has been intermittent. After stopping sharing content together, there was talk of a possible love crisis, although shortly after, the contestant of ‘Survivors’, during the reality show, announced the end of her relationship with the Madrileño. In fact, the contestant claimed her single status when she started her ‘Survivors’ competition.

Where is Rodri Now?

Now, Rodri has wanted to clarify his emotional situation after breaking up with Adara and, after rumors of a possible reconciliation before the influencer’s departure, and at the request of his followers, he has detailed that they have not been together for a long time: “We are not a couple for a long time”. Despite no longer being together and living their lives separately, there is still good vibes between them, proof of this is the good relationship that Adara’s mother continues to maintain with Rodri, as she continues to go to Rodri’s beauty center.

Unaffected by the Competition

Unaffected by the competition of his ex-girlfriend, the content creator continues the course of his life normally. On social networks he has reiterated that his heart is still intact: “I am one of the few who remain from the University single and without children”.


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