Roland-Garros chic: Nolwenn Leroy & Sofia Essaïdi in stylish combos.


Nolwenn Leroy & Co. at Roland-Garros

Just because her partner Arnaud Clément decided to retire from tennis several years ago, it doesn’t mean that Nolwenn Leroy has turned away from clay courts. And if she still supports her son Marin’s father passionately, especially when he takes up his racket for special occasions, she also knows how to admire other players than her beloved. Thus, the singer and great winner of the second season of Star Academy had left her Provence for Paris, this Saturday, June 3rd, and more precisely her 16th arrondissement. At Roland-Garros, the beautiful brunette made a very stylish sensation. Indeed, Nolwenn Leroy made the photographers’ flashes sparkle on the Roland-Garros village on this sunny day. The singer was wearing a very stylish Lacoste jumpsuit. With her sunglasses, a pair of Nike on her feet and her loose hair, she was perfect. Very smiling, she posed alone at the photocall.

Celebrities at Roland-Garros

If Arnaud Clément was not seen at her side, the mother of Marin was far from alone to attend this third round of the tournament. And she was able to meet an old Star Academy student. Because Sofia Essaïdi was also present. The singer had also gone to Lacoste before offering herself this sporting day. White Lacoste t-shirt, beige trousers and hat, the one who wore a vermilion lipstick was radiant. And like Nolwenn Leroy, the actress had decided to pose alone. In a relationship with Adrien Galo, producer and director, for more than ten years, the one who has already mentioned her desire to be a mother, was simply radiant. Also present on Saturday, June 3rd in the enclosure of the Roland-Garros village, the couple formed by Philippe Lacheau and Elodie Fontan, Cartman, Judith El Zein, the presenter Carine Galli, also alone without her partner Giovanni Castaldi, but also Cyrielle Clair.

Style & Beauty at Roland-Garros

Nolwenn Leroy and Sofia Essaïdi were both dressed to impress. The singer was wearing a very stylish Lacoste jumpsuit, and the actress was wearing a white Lacoste t-shirt, beige trousers and a hat. The one who wore a vermilion lipstick was radiant and very smiling, and posed alone at the photocall.


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