Romantic dinner in Rome for Damiano of Måneskin & Martina Taglienti, full of loving looks and caresses.


The Breakup and the Aftermath

After the breakup, Giorgia Soleri and Damiano David have started a new life. She has just moved out of the Rome apartment she shared with her ex-boyfriend; he seems to have turned the page with the twenty-two-year-old model Martina Taglienti, a friend of the bassist. No betrayal, but Giorgia blocked her ex-boyfriend, her new flame Martina and even Victoria De Angelis on Instagram.

The Photos and the Discretion Request

Then, through social media, while explaining that the relationship with Damiano “was not monogamous”, she revealed: “I am angry, hurt and disappointed”. Because she had asked the Måneskin singer for discretion until the announcement of the breakup. This was not the case. Damiano was photographed kissing Martina. And now the photos of the Roman dinner have arrived, with complicit looks and caresses. When the passion between the singer and the model broke out is unknown.

The Social Media Courting

However, the two have known each other for years, and have been flirting on social media for years. In 2017, for example, he wrote under some of Martina’s photos: “I love you”. And again: “Can I say that you are my girlfriend?”. She replied: “It’s not professional, let’s not tell anyone about it!”. Joking phrases, most likely. But today, in the light of new facts, that “courtship” on social media takes on a different flavor. Whether they are or not will only be told by time. What is certain is that those photos were taken shortly before the two exchanged the famous kiss, immortalized by a video, which forced Damiano to admit the breakup with Giorgia Soleri: “We decided to break up a few days ago, so there were no betrayals of any kind”.


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