Romina Power furious on the break with Al Bano: “What I have read on the web, all balls”

The match between Romina Power and Albano Carrisi has always generated numerous rumors about a possible return of the flame, although their was a reunion, professional, driven by success and their songs have found over the years, even outside of Italy. Yet in these days was the news that between the two was over any type of collaboration, a deliberate decision by the singer and denied by the same Romina, rather annoyed by what was said on some heads.

The news of the “break”

Many newspapers reported the sensational news that announces a break from the professional point of view, between Romina Power and Al Bano, the news that would have been supported by an interview, as reported by the weekly New, directed by Riccardo Signoretti. The two singers have been on tour in Australia, where they had a few dates, after which their paths diverge: the artist of Cellino San Marco returned to Italy with his daughter Romina, who had accompanied the parents in the trip, while the Power has decided to take a few days of relaxation in the company of the son Yari, postponing his departure, as evidenced by the photos published on his profile on Instagram. There is to say, also, that The Ban would have already proposed some tracks to participate in the Festival of Sanremo, which cozzerebbe with the news above.

The denial of Romina Power

Among the latest publications of the singer there is a picture where you can see part of an article, without showing the newspaper to which it belongs, referring to the news of a possible break with Albano, while specifying that you are not sure concerning the work or the love life. The article brought in support an interview published in the weekly New, in addition to a declaration that the same Riccardo Signoretti would have done during the episode of the Morning, Five of 15 October, talking of the number in newspaper stand, anticipating the release of the next one. The Power is shown rather annoyed by what has been written for many magazines and writes next to the photo: “What I have read on the web. All balls! Don’t believe a single word” . And in fact should give reason.

What I have read on the web ALL the BALLS!!! 🤮

A post shared by Romina Power (@rominaspower) on Oct 15, 2019 at 9:33pm PDT

The interview with Loredana Lecciso and the words of Riccardo Signoretti

The cover of the weekly to which many newspapers have made reference, with a headline like this: “Albano and Romina together not you will see them again no more”, but what has not been written by the most is that the interview was done not to Romina Power), but rather to Loredana Lecciso, as is also affirmed by Riccardo Signoretti live in the studio of Federica Panicucci where summarizes what has been said by showgirl who spoke about the relationship between the two artists:

It is unbalanced the Lecciso this time, usually he climbs on the mirrors, you ask a question she responds with other 3-4 questions. This time it has said Albano and Romina together not you will see them again ever more, in response to fans who dream of reunion, as she says, in short, no.