Rosa Lopez, David Bisbal reunite on TV again


Uniting ‘Operation Triumph’

What has united ‘Operation Triumph’, let no one separate it. And if not, let David Bisbal and Rosa Lopez tell you, 20 years after getting on the stage that catapulted them to stardom, they are working together again in ‘La Voz Kids’.

The Coaches

Among the coaches we find one of the couples of the moment: Aitana and Sebastián Yatra, who will compete to get the best team. Aitana’s advisor will be Dani Fernández and with the Colombian we will find Rayden. Rosario Flores completes the cast, who will have the support of Mari, from ‘Chambao’. On Saturday we can see them together, because the Battles begin.

The Feeling

Bisbal has wanted to tell how he has felt to work with Rosa again: “We have the same feeling of having met for the first time, because this is a contest after all, although the contestants are older,” said the Almerian. “Rosa will bring me naturalness, freshness, truth, her professionalism, because 20 years have passed for me, but for her too. Before ‘Operation Triumph’ she already had a very important background of performances with her group, as it happened to me. What better for the children to have an advisor like Rosa, who is so true? They will be amazed “, he said, showing how much he loves his companion.


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